Reinventing database exploration with Azimutt

03 Feb 2024 at FOSDEM 2024
15 minutes Azimutt

Struggling with databases? Me too. Well, that was before.
As developers, we often interact with databases, whether to understand the data model or debug our application.
After more than 50 years of existence and thousands of tools, we still rely on our basic SQL client: query file and a results table.
No advanced tool has really gained widespread adoption.

This is the challenge I set for myself: create the daily tool for developers to interact, explore, and collaborate with their databases 🤯
I've checked all the boxes: a beautiful and modern SaaS, fully open-source, with a generous free plan, but most importantly:

  • a blend of schema and data exploration and documentation
  • an ultra-simple DSL to design and evolve your schema
  • made for complex databases
  • analysis of best practices

In this talk, I'm discussing the needs I've identified, how Azimutt addresses them, including a demo, as well as my process of creation, past and future.