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MiXiT 2020

Conference Design Ethic Life style Maker tech

MiXiT covers tech and non-tech subjects: we will talk about software development, technical infrastructures but also team and companies organization, science, design, ethics… You can have a look to previous years talks to get a better idea of what is MiXiT.

Three kind of sessions are possible:

  • Long talk (50 minutes)
  • Short talk (20 minutes)
  • Workshop (110 minutes).

Warning : 2 submissions maximum per person and please provide a detailed outline of your talk (20-ish bullet points), or a link to a recording

Please choose at least one theme amongst those available: Tech, Team, Design, Makers, Ethics, Aliens.

If you have any questions, the team is available and will be happy to answer you, so don’t hesitate to contact us, spread the love 🧡.

29 Apr 2020